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What Is Promise Cherry Beach?
A classic beach party. The coolest, most beautiful beach party in our city. Sun and fun, into a glorious sunset, into the night surrounded by nature lit up. Going on 22 years and everyone’s invited. Summer is made for exploring

When Is It?

Every Sunday, or Monday long weekends, 3 - 11pm

What To Bring?
A cozy hoodie. It cools down after sunset by the lake. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Bring a hoodie

Are Pets Allowed?

Yes. Just keep in mind Promise Cherry Beach is a loud and dynamic experience and may not be right for your pet

Food & Drinks?

Our beach bar serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Food vendors offer a variety of vegan, vegetarian and meat options. You’re also welcome to bring a picnic. Liquids, even if sealed, are not permitted. Free water is provided

ATM Onsite?


What’s The Vibe?

Relaxed. There’s no VIP area. Bring your lover, best friend, family and visitors from out of town. LGBTQQIP2SAA you’re welcome, celebrated and protected here.

Is It Accessible?

Yes. The dance floor is on sand but the rest is grass and hard-packed soil. Accessible washroom onsite. For more information or assistance, contact

How To Get There?

Getting to Promise Cherry Beach is easy. There's lots of free parking, TTC goes directly there, so does the bike path, and anchorage for your boat just offshore. Once at the park, follow the shoreline east… you’ll hear the music.


Cherry Beach Park is at the end of Cherry Street, south of Lakeshore Blvd East and Parliament. Free parking in the 4 lots inside the park.



Take the 72B or 121C bus. Last return bus is at approximately


The best way. Follow the Waterfront Trail. Lock your bike to our fence inside.


Also a great way. Staff will greet your arrival onshore and help get your donation and wristband sorted.

What's your refund policy?
Cancellations due to thunderstorms/lightning tickets are automatically transferred to the next weekend of 2022 or a refund if its the last weekend

Can I transfer my season's pass?
When you buy your season’s pass, you are sent a QR code that allows you one entry per weekend. To transfer, it works like the transferable TTC pass, you give your friend a screenshot or copy of your QR and they can come in. Only offer it to good friends because once they have it, they could use it instead of you all summer. If they use it again to get in, you’d have to pay while they’re in. Also, in the spirit of sharing and giving, please don’t accept or offer financial gain for these gifts.

I have a weird request?

Hit us up. Go to the gate. We’re here to help.


Who Is Promise?

David, Irving and team. Dedicated to throwing creative underground electronic music events and community building since 2001.


What Else Does Promise Do?

Halloween, German Sparkle Party, New Year’s Eve and springtime warehouse events. Cherry Blossom ambient park hang and Kajama Midnight Moon Sailing Cruise!

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