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Promise Cherry Beach is the underground darling of the Toronto electronic music scene. Afternoon into the sunset. Bring your crush.


Every Sunday or Holiday Monday
Sunday June 23 to Labour Day 
4 - 11pm
Cherry Beach. It’s easy. From the roundabout, follow the shoreline or bike path east.. you’ll hear the music.


Bridge Re-Route & Updates

Find Bridge update here. There is construciton all over the city, use an app to find your best route to Cherry Beach.
Car, Taxi, TTC & Bike
The city is always under construction. Use an App to plan your best route.
Good anchorage offshore. An easy paddle or swim to the beach.


What to Bring?
A hoodie for yourself and one for a friend. No matter the forecast. It cools down after sunset by the lake.

Yes, just keep in mind Promise Cherry Beach is a loud and chaotic experience and may not be right for your pet.

Is this a cashless event?

Yes, Promise Cherry Beach is a fully cashless


Food & Drinks
The Beach Bar serves drinks. Local food vendors offer options including vegetarian and vegan. You’re welcome to bring a picnic. Liquids, even if sealed, cannot come in. Free water is provided.

Mostly yes. The dancefloor is on the sand. The rest is grass and hard-packed soil. Accessible washroom provided. For more information or assistance contact
Any cancellation call is made by 2pm on the day. Ticket and Season Pass holders are then notified by email. We move indoors to a sensational rain-date warehouse space.

Refund or Date Transfer
Tickets are transferable to another date or person. Season Pass dates are transferable to another person as a gift. Refunds may be possible, contact


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Lost & Found
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Weird Requests
Hit us up, go to the Gate. Or contact

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